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  • We really appreciate informative articles that with an ideal length of 1000 words. If the content is really good; you can convince us with shorter articles (minimum of 600 words.)
  • Naming it as “submission.docx” when submitting can lead to rejection. So, make the title of the piece, the document’s name to prevent this.
  • We consider 3 headings per article as a must-have.
  • You must submit the files either in .doc, .docs, or .pdf.
  • All included images must be in JPG and PNG formats.
  • Make sure you submit fresh content that you haven’t posted elsewhere. Submitting duplicate content will prevent you from submitting articles in the future. We take plagiarism very seriously and we will find out if there’s any.
  • There’s no space for adult-nature and obscene articles on our blog (as the viewers are from all age groups.)
  • We might modify your article by formatting and change words to make it awesome.
  • ONE Outbound Link is the maximum allowed number unless you have valid reasons to include more. We will consider your request and let you include an additional link.
  • Being genuine and submitting non-spammy articles is the way to be one of our long-term article posters. Our audience doesn’t like when it is robotic pitches and spammy.

Some other factors to consider:

  • Briefly send us your details including topics and bio for us to review first, via an E-mail.
  •  You can start writing articles after we confirm. N.B: sending your article as an attachment is a must-do.
  • Well, you may have to make necessary changes to your article if we are not happy with it. Our editorial team will ask you to do this until your article becomes a “perfect one.”
  • Finally, your post will go live on our blog and thousands of readers will enjoy it. Don’t worry! We will send you an E-mail once it is live on the blog.

Writing for a free blog is a great way to improve your writings. The fact that your article is being viewed by thousands of readers will make you happy, which is every writer’s happiness. Enroll with us today and be a part of our community so!

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